• Our Facility

    Our facilities offer a complete fabrication service from production of shop drawings to receipt of steel stock, through to final coating and shipment. Steel can be coated at the facilities to any agreed paint specification or hot dip galvanized at nearby facilities.

    Facility Layout:
    Total Area: 45,000m2
    Fab. Workshop: 13,000m2
    Material Storage Yard: 5,000m2
    Machining Workshop: 1,000m2
    Blasting & Painting: 3,500m2
    Finish Product Storage Yard: 6,000m2

    Major Equipment:
    Overhead Crane (5T/10T/20T+5T): 40nos
    Flaming/CNC Cutting Machine: 15nos
    Band Saw (CNC): 6nos
    Shearing Machine: 3nos
    Drilling (CNC/Manually) Machine: 30nos
    Milling Machine: 10nos
    Welding Machine: 200nos



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